Test your Gurushots Skill

If you love taking photos and enjoy challenging your photography skills then Gurushots is a wonderful place to be online.

Essentially Gurushots is a free site where you can upload your photos and “compete” against others. I guess you could say it is a free competition for photographers. Others may say it is a form of social networking for photographers.

You can use the site from a dedicated app on your phone or tablet as well as your laptop or desktop computer. Gurushots is amazingly user friendly.

All levels of photographers use Gurushots. I use it just for fun.

So how does Gurushots work? It is dead simple, sign up for a free account and start entering your photos into the challenges listed for free. In return you will get points and gain levels as others vote for your photo.

There are some competitions or challenges that may require a small fee but the reward with this is often a tangible prize such as money, appearing in a publication, being exhibited in gallery, or other goodies.

I really encourage you to sign up and “play” the Gurushots” game. It is fun, challenging and thought provoking.
Click the image below to get started on your photography journey.

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