New South Wales, Australia Burns

Since the beginning of December 2019 the fires that threatened in November 2019 have become an extreme threat to many animals, protected bush areas and homes.

There is no doubting that global warming is partly to blame however it has to be considered the arsonists and the lightning ignites these fires.

I live in the southern outskirts of Sydney and like many other parts of Sydney including the CBD, we have spent much of this week shrouded in toxic clouds of smoke.

Afternoons have turned into night and our blue Summer sky has become something more in the apocalyptic realm.

Furthermore, we have been rained upon with ash and burnt leaves carried on the wind from as far away as 100km!

I would like to think that for myself and my immediate neighbours we are not in any danger however, we too are surrounded by bushland and all it will take is one strike of the flame and we will be suffering like so many.

Regardless of the compassion I feel it does not stop me as a photographer in being intrigued by the images such destruction can produce. Each photo is a snapshot in time and history depicting unusual in colours, textures or shape.

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